Last Day on Earth: Survival – A Guide to the Vault Code

The Bunker Alfa Vault Code is one of the most asked about things in Last Day on Earth: Survival, to a point where thousands of people have asked about it on forums and social media.

The problem with the Bunker Alfa (Alpha) Vault Code is that it’s not the same for everyone. It changes for each player, and thus can only be discovered manually. Nonetheless, here is how you can get it.

How to Find the Vault Code

First, you need to craft a CSB Radio. If you don’t have this unlocked yet, don’t worry, it will be given to you shortly into your adventure. Just progress a bit further and then come back later.

Craft the CSB Radio in your base and then use it. You will then be asked to gather a certain number of materials, which will likely include scrap metal and tape.

Upon bringing the materials required to the CSB Radio, you’ll receive a custom Vault Code. This can then be entered in Bunker Alfa to proceed.