Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath – List of New Towns

Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath‘s six new acts house several new towns for you to visit. These new locales are where you can hang out, optimize your build, and socialize with other players.

The towns are as follows:

  • Act 5 – Overseer’s Tower
  • Act 6 – Lioneye’s Watch
  • Act 7 – The Bridge Encampment
  • Act 8 – The Sarn Encampment
  • Act 9 – Highgate
  • Act 10 – Overseer’s Tower

Among these towns, Overseer’s Tower is considered the central hub where players prefer to meet.

Note that Fall of Oriath’s new areas begin at level 41. If you aren’t near this level, you will have a very hard time competing against the monsters.

There are a variety of new trending builds in Path of Exile, which we covered in an article here.