Box art - Agents of Mayhem

How to Swap Between Agents in Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem may have spun off from the Saints Row franchise, but it retains plenty of colorful personalities that you’ll want to get to know. You’ll have to, in fact, if you want to make it through to the end. As you make your way through Seoul, you’ll be in control of three different Agents at any given time. You can only control one of them at a time, but you can swap between all of them at the drop of a hat with a simple button press. There’s no fanfare to it, and nothing complicated to remember. Making sure you’re fully utilizing your squad is the only real trick to it.

To swap between Agents, just use the D-pad on your controller and press left or right. You can be in the middle of a firefight, or just strolling down the road, and your newly selected Agent will be deployed. It’s actually an interesting switch-over that doesn’t take very long to complete, and you’ll hardly notice it happening. Switching Agents will net you a health boost if you haven’t already depleted everyone’s health, and you’ll get some time to stave off the enemies ahead of you too.

Of course, swapping an Agents back out doesn’t automatically refill their health meters. You’ll have to keep them at rest for a little bit if you want that to happen, so swapping out and back and forth indefinitely isn’t a valid strategy. And if you want to change out your Agent at the onset of a level after choosing a starting mission from the Ark, you can do that when you start the mission as well.

It’s simple enough to swap Agents, but make sure you’re doing it at times that it behooves you to. The game relies on some fast-thinking moves, so make sure you’ve got this simple switch down pat before progressing too far in the game. You’ll definitely need your other Agents’ moves.