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Destiny 2 Leviathan Underbelly Raid Map – A Complete Overview of the Raid

The Destiny 2 community had been hard at work developing a Leviathan Raid map since the game’s launch, and over the past few weeks there have been plenty of amateur cartographers who have taken it upon themselves to guide other players through the game’s toughest challenge.

While many of these maps have been perfectly perfunctory, two users have created a full Leviathan Underbelly map that succeeds in both offering a very thorough overview of the location, while also being easy on the eye, too.

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The initial map was posted by Reddit user addesso on the subreddit r/DestinyTheGame, offering an overview of the Leviathan Underbelly from a 2D perspective. A few days later, user ScoobyDeezy gave the map a new look, showing it in a 3D perspective that helped players navigate it better.

The end result can be viewed below:


While being incredibly useful for those struggling to make their way through the Leviathan Raid, the map is also further evidence of the dedication of the Destiny 2 community. While the game has received some backlash since its launch as a result of its underwhelming endgame content, there are still plenty of players who are making the most of the FPS in its current state before Bungie starts rolling out the extra content, with this map undoubtedly helping out those who have yet to complete the Leviathan Raid.