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The Evil Within 2: How to Get the Crossbow

The Warden Crossbow is the most versatile weapon in The Evil Within 2. It can fire five different bolts, each of which has a unique property, some of which allow you to use the environment in ways you usually wouldn’t be able. Typically, a weapon like this would be somewhat difficult to obtain in a survival horror game, but you can get the crossbow in this game relatively easy.

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The Evil Within 2: How to Use the Crossbow

The Evil Within 2 How to Use the Crossbow

Most of your weapons in The Evil Within 2 are firearms. You just point and fire. The crossbow is a bit more complicated, but that allows for a lot more control over what and where your bolts strike. The crossbow’s power comes from the different bolts you can find and craft. Each of these five bolts works differently and mastering them will help make the game a lot easier for you.

Harpoon Bolt

These bolts will likely be your first silent projectile weapon. Early on in the game, these make picking off one or two of The Lost that are in your way a breeze.

Shock Bolt

Firing these at a target will discharge a powerful bolt of electricity. If you hit a grouped bunch of enemies, the electricity will chain from one to another. If you shoot a Shock Bolt into a pool of water, any enemy that walkings into the pool will be stunned until the bolt’s effect is over. You can also gain access to areas you otherwise wouldn’t be able to enter by shooting broken fuse boxes with Shock Bolts.

Smoke Bolt

These bolts will block an enemy’s sight if fired near them. When they are engulfed in smoke, they’ll usually stop moving allowing you to sneak by. If you upgrade the Smoke Bolts at a workbench, you can gain the ability to stealth kill enemies trapped in your smoke cloud.

Explosive Bolt

These do a ton of damage but are best used as tripwire bombs. The shrapnel that causes the damage is most concentrated from the back of the bolt so you’ll have to use them to trap the enemy or shoot the bolt at their feet to do the most damage.

Freeze Bolt

These powerful bolts will freeze most enemies struck by it. Weaker enemies will shatter into pieces when hit by a Freeze Bolt, but stronger enemies will only be temporarily frozen. Additionally, some enemies are not affected by these bolts at all.

The Evil Within 2: Where to Find the Crossbow

The Evil Within 2 Crossbow Location

To get the crossbow in The Evil Within 2 you must reach chapter 3. If you speak with O’Neill after the cutscene, he’ll mention that a Mobius APC is nearby which may have some gear you can use. If you head out of the safe house and go west down the road in front of the visitor center, you’ll be on the right path.

At the end of that road is Krimson’s Market. The whole area is infested with The Lost, so your best bet is to sneak around and pick them off individually if you can. At the intersection to the southwest of the market is a barricade with a Humvee-looking vehicle nearby. To the side of this APC is the crossbow, Shock Bolts, and Harpoon Bolts.When you pick it up get ready to fight some of The Lost. The wet area in front of the barricade is the perfect place to use a Shock Bolt, and if you time it right you can likely take all of the enemies charging towards you out with one bolt.

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