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The Evil Within 2 Guide and Walkthrough: Tips and Strategies for Surviving Union

In our The Evil Within 2 guide and walkthrough, you’ll find where to go, how to defeat the toughest bosses, how to find weapons, collectibles, and side missions, and the answers to all the questions you have about the game. We’ll also be giving you a few beginner’s tips and strategies to make sure that even if you want to beat The Evil Within 2 without any help, you’ll be prepared for what you’re up against.

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The Evil Within 2 Tips and Strategies

There are a few things you can do throughout your adventure in Union that will help keep you alive. Below are some tips that will serve you throughout your playthrough.

Conserve Items When You Can

The Evil Within 2 is a survival horror game, and with that comes a degree of item management. Sebastian doesn’t have the deep pockets that his FPS and action game peers do, so you’ve got to make the few items you can carry count.

  • Don’t fire unless you ‘re sure you’re going to hit your target.
  • Don’t heal if you’re already near full health.
  • Save your heavy weapons for powerful enemies.

Stealth is Your Friend

The best offense in this game is a good defense. You don’t have to worry about wasting items if you’re not fighting any enemies.

  • Most of The Lost are blind as a bat but very sensitive to proximity.
  • As long as you keep your distance, many of your foes will never bother you.

Go Off the Beaten Trail

The Evil Within 2 has a more open world that the first game did. You’re allowed much more autonomy to choose where and when to complete the story for the most part.

A lot of the best items and exciting story tidbits are entirely optional.

  • You can easily finish the game and miss out on a ton of cool stuff.
  • Before you head to the next main mission, take the time to roam around and get all the optional stuff out of the way first.

The Evil Within 2 Guides and Walkthrough

Below we’ll show you how to get through some of the toughest parts of the game and get those hard-to-find weapons and collectibles.

How Many Chapters and How Long Does it Take to Beat it?

Find out just how much time you’ll have to invest in The Evil Within 2.

How to Unlock Classic Mode

Here’s how to access the hardest difficulty.

How to Heal and Get More Health

Sebastian can’t take much of a beating. Find out how to recover from damage and gain the ability to take more hits.

How to Hold More Ammo

You’re at a disadvantage from how little ammo you can hold. Here’s how to carry more total ammo, and enlarge your weapons’ magazines.

How to Get the Shotgun

It’s a must-have for any horror game, and we’ll show you the most direct path to it.

How to Get the Crossbow

Get medieval on your enemies with five different kinds of bolts.

Where to Find All the Mysterious Objects

Here’s how to locate every single one of these easter egg items.

Tredwell Trucking: Where is it and What’s Inside?

Find out everything you need to know about this landmark.

Where to Find the Union Security Card

Find this key item to unlock the door below the auto garage.

How to Defeat the Ghost Lady

Here’s how to slip through the clutches of Anima.

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