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The Evil Within 2 Ghost Lady: How to Beat the Onryo Creature Anima

During your adventure in The Evil Within 2, you’re sure to run into a creature that’s even stranger than Union’s other inhabitants at some point. This ghost lady can appear and disappear in an instant and shows up to harass Sebastian and teleport him to another world several times. Her name is Anima, and her incessant humming and singing are sure to strike fear in your heart after your first encounter. Anima looks similar to an onryo, a vengeful spirit from Japanese folklore that seeks justice for the wrongs it received while alive.

Below we’ve put together a list of locations where the ghost will undoubtedly appear, and walkthroughs of each of the alternate worlds she transports you to.

The Evil Within 2: How to Find the Ghost Lady Locations

Before you can meet the ghost, you’ll need to have made it to chapter 3. Although there is a chance of her randomly appearing on the streets of Union, there is one place you have to go to get the ball rolling on her side quests.

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You’ll need to find 336 Cedar Avenue in the residential area of Union during chapter 3. To get there, from the safehouse you’ll want to go down the road to the east of the church. Look on your left for the house with the bloody sidewalk with the corpse on it. You’ll likely pick up a resonance at some point during your walk towards the house, so if you lock onto it, you can pinpoint it on the map.

The Evil Within 2 336 Cedar Avenue

Once you’re at 336 Cedar Avenue, enter the house and proceed to the bedroom. You’ll see a journal on the table. Once you read it, Anima will appear, and you’ll be transported to a hospital ward.

The Evil Within 2 Ghost Lady: Evade Anima in the Sealed Hospital Ward

You’ll need to make your way out of here using the single door with the keycard reader beside it. Unfortunately, you don’t have the keycard. One thing to note about this, and all other encounters you have with the ghost lady is that you can’t fight her. If she grabs you, you’re dead. You have to use stealth to get past her, and if all else fails, try to run.

To get the keycard for the door, you’ll need to sneak through the door the ghost passed through as she left the room. You’ll want to wait until she’s somewhat far off, so listen to the sound of her humming until it gets quieter and look through the small window on the door until she’s out of sight. Once the coast is clear, you’ll want to go through the door with the gurney near it.

The Evil Within 2 Sealed Hospital Door

Once through that door head left around the divider and duck through the hole. Next to the bed in this room is a drawer with the Sealed Hospital Ward Keycard inside. All you need to do now is make it back to the locked door in the first room you were in and exit the area.

The Evil Within 2 Ghost Lady Diner Encounter: Solve the Hospital Ward Mirror Puzzle

The next scripted event with Anima is all the way in The Evil Within 2 chapter 7 in the Union Business District. You need to make your way to Juke Diner, straight south from the Post Plus safe house where you start the chapter. You’ll likely pick up a resonance highlighting the diner shortly after beginning this section of the game.

Once in Juke Diner, you’ll find a man slumped over dead in a chair. When you scan his Residual Memory, the whole place will turn ice blue. Head to the jukebox, and when you near it, the ghost will appear and transport you to another hospital ward.

As soon as you get control, turn around and run down the corridor. When you’re through the door, Anima will drift by and disappear into the mirror. You will see her open a door in the mirror’s reflection and the corresponding entry in the room will open. Head through it, and you’ll see several beds arranged in a circle and a mirror on the back wall of the room.

The Evil Within 2 Hospital Ward Door Puzzle

When you approach the mirror, the ghost lady will give you a little scare. Just back up and wait for her to go back into the mirror, then step back up to it. In the reflection, you’ll see that one of the doors in the room you’re in has a bright light over it. When you’ve passed through the door at the end of the corridor, you’ll be in a darker version of the room you were just in.

Look in the mirror again, and the ghost will burst out. Now you’ll need to see which door is lit in the mirror while avoiding her. Once you get through the correct door, you’ll see some hallucinations and pop back into Union.

The Evil Within 2 Ghost Lady: Sneak Past the onryo in The Marrow: Restricted Labs

The last encounter with the ghost takes place in the labs located in The Marrow in chapter 11 of The Evil Within 2. To trigger this meeting, you’ll need to head north from the computer area, then east until you come to a larger square room. In the south part of this room is a fuse box you can shoot with a Shock Bolt to activate a steel shutter. It’ll raise halfway, and you can crouch under to head south to the Pit Observatory. You’ll need to enter an office inside and read the file on the computer to trigger Anima’s appearance.

When you exit the office and try to leave the Pit Observatory via the metal shutter, it’ll slam down, and you’ll see the ghost lady moving towards you. After the cutscene, you’ll be hiding on the balcony, and the ghost will be floating in the center of the room. Move slowly to the right when she’s not looking, and she’ll throw debris in your path so you’ll then have to sneak back to the cart you started at. Then move to the left corner, and then move to the staircase in the back corner. Continue using the posts to block her view of you until you can get down the stairs.

The Evil Within 2 Ghost Lady Pit Observatory

Once down the stairs Anima will come down to ground level and throw some stuff around. Take cover to avoid being hit. You’re going to want to get to the door with the red light beside it, and to do so; you’ll need to read from column to column around to your right. When you reach the morgue drawers, they’ll shoot out and knock you backward.

Once the drawers shoot out your route will be blocked so you’ll have to head left again. The only opening left available to you leads to the center of the room, and this is where things are tricky. You need to wait until the ghost turns away and then hide behind the cabinet in the middle of the room. When she turns away again, quickly go left to hide behind the room divider.

There should be a gap behind you to head through. Do so and then go right. Eventually another morgue drawer will open up and after crouching under it, even more, will block your path. There will be a new gap to head through between the room divider and column that will put you back towards the center of the room.

At this point, you can sneak left and find a gap that looks like it will take you to the exit, but a metal shelf will turn over, and Anima will throw a tantrum. While she’s doing that, sneak around the column behind you and towards the center of the room to the tall piece of machinery there.

Anima will have one last tantrum during which you can wait until she’s not looking and creep to the table on the left. Wait till she turns away again and sneak around the column behind you. From here you can sprint to the red-lit door and freedom from this damn ghost.

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