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The Evil Within 2 Tredwell Trucking: Where to Find it and What’s Inside

In chapter 3 of The Evil Within 2, you’ll need to visit Tredwell Trucking. The continuation of the main plot depends on it, and there are a few optional items you won’t want to miss while you’re there. You don’t get to go back later, and since the yard of Tredwell Trucking is infested with The Lost, you’ll have likely avoided it until the end of the chapter.

Below we’ve highlighted where to find the Tredwell Trucking area, and where all the missable items are.

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(Minor Spoilers for The Evil Within 2 chapter 3 below.)

The Evil Within 2 Tredwell Trucking: What is its location?

The Evil Within 2 Residential Area Map

You’ll find the location of Tredwell Trucking during the course of the plot in chapter 3 since Lily leads you right to it. However, if you want to go ahead and scout it out and get one of the missable items, that’s probably a smart move.

To get to the trucking yard, head west from the safe house on the main road, and then when you reach the three-way intersection head north. You’ll only need to travel a short distance before you see the fenced in yard on your right. This direct path might not be the safest way there though. You’ll probably want to sneak your way there.

The Evil Within 2 Tredwell Trucking: Missable Items

The Evil Within 2 Mysterious Machine Item

There are two missable items in this location: a file and a mysterious object.

Tredwell Trucking Mysterious Object: Mysterious Machine

In the yard, you’ll find a truck parked in the tall grass near the east fence. You’ll need to open the back of it to get to this item. Open the rear door of the truck and crawl inside to find the Mysterious Machine behind a crate.

Treadwell Trucking File: Report #00654: Core Displacement

To get to this file, you’ll need to wait until you follow Lily inside the warehouse near the end of the chapter. Once you reach the second floor, the first door leads into the control room. On the console with all the gauges rests this file.

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