Box art - Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey Photo Mode Guide: How to Take Photos While Playing

The Super Mario Odyssey photo mode allows players to take snapshots while playing the game, allowing them to find the perfect camera angle before applying filters to their images, including retro SNES, NES and Game Boy makeovers.

While this photo mode is easy to navigate to, the game doesn’t point out its existence in the early stages, meaning those hankering to take some screenshots of their adventure right away may not know the feature even exists. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can swiftly switch to the Super Mario Odyssey by pressing the down button the left Joy-Con or on the Pro controller.

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After pressing the down button, the game will swiftly switch to its photo mode, pausing the action completely and letting you take a photo of Mario and the world surrounding him. Though Super Mario Odyssey doesn’t feature its own photo album, you can press the Switch’s screenshot button in order to save your photo, before accessing it from the ‘Album’ option on the Switch’s home menu. From here you can continue to tinker with the image, before uploading it to Facebook or Twitter.

The photo mode is one of various innovations introduced in Super Mario Odyssey, which also introduces Mario to Cappy, an entity that allows him to take control of a variety of the enemies the iconic plumber encounters in the game. With Mario Odyssey being one of the best-looking Nintendo games to date, second only to perhaps The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s great that Nintendo has allowed players to take snapshots of its various worlds. We’re looking forward to seeing the photos that Mario fans come up with in the coming months.