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Super Mario Odyssey Volleyball Tips: How to Get Both Power Moons

The Super Mario Odyssey volleyball mini-game can award you two Power Moons, but many players are having a tough time when it comes to reaching 100 points.

Seaside Kingdom’s Volleyball is the toughest mini-game in Super Mario Odyssey, with Mario required to keep a rally going as the speed of the ball constantly increases. One Power Moon is awarded when the player reaches 15 points, though the next Power Moon is only handed out when they’ve reached 100 points, a decidedly more difficult task that seems nigh-on impossible given Mario’s slow running animation.

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Mario takes a while to build up momentum, meaning that as the ball’s speed increases it’s difficult to move along the sand in order to reach it. However, by switching to 2 player mode the mini-game becomes a lot easier, with Cappy being a lot more agile and able to swiftly move across the court in order to receive the ball.

After switching to 2 player mode walk onto the court as Mario to activate the volleyball mini-game, before throwing Cappy and controlling him using the second controller. Walk off the court as Mario to ensure that you won’t accidentally collide with him while playing, as doing so will cause Cappy to fly back into his hands. While getting to 100 points will still require some effort, it’s a lot easier when using Cappy and it shouldn’t take you long to hit the milestone, bagging you the mini-game’s second Power Moon.