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COD WW2 Orders Not Working: What to Do if Your Orders Aren’t Progressing in Call of Duty WW2

If your Call of Duty WW2 orders are not working, then rest assured that you’re not the only player who’s experiencing difficulties with the system. Orders in CoD WW2 grant players with XP or Supply Drops, with them being completed after carrying out an objective. For instance, some orders will require players to kill a certain number of enemies, while others boast more elaborate tasks such as killing 5 enemies while suffering from the affects of a tactical grenade. However, some players are reporting that their progression in these orders isn’t being logged whatsoever, effectively meaning that they can’t unlock their rewards.

CoD WW2 Orders Not Working: What is Happening?


Judging from forum and social media posts, it seems that the majority of those who are experiencing issues with their CoD WW2 orders not working are players who have experienced disconnections at the end of their matches. Even if you’ve completed a match but have disconnected at the tail-end of it for whatever reason, it seems that Call of Duty WW2 doesn’t log your progression and your reward will go unfulfilled.

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In some instances players have reported that the order has disappeared from their list of active orders but hasn’t given them their reward, a much more infuriating issue considering that players will then be unable to complete that challenge altogether.

CoD WW2 Orders Not Working: How Can I Fix It?

The bad news is that at the time of this writing, Activision has yet to issue a patch to fix this problem, with it also seeming unlikely that anything can be done on the player’s end in order to prevent it from happening. Switching to a wired connection will reduce your chances of receiving a disconnect, so if you’ve encountered the aforementioned problem and don’t want to run into it again, then you may want to move away from playing CoD WW2 on a wireless connection.

You can also take numerous steps to improve your connection in Call of Duty WW2 overall, including changing your NAT type to open by way of port forwarding. We’ve detailed all the steps that will help you achieve this in a previous guide, which you can read right here, so if you want to reduce the odds of you receiving connection-based issued in CoD WW2 then follow those instructions. Aside from that, you’re unfortunately waiting for Activision to release a patch in order to bring an end to these order problems.

CoD WW2 has experienced some notable teething issues in the days since its release, which we detailed in our lengthy review, so hopefully Activision is hard at work stamping them out. We’ll update this story if a patch is issued, or if we discover a workaround.