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LA Noire New Interrogation Answers Explained: Can You Switch Back to Original Interrogation Options?

Interrogations are a key part of LA Noire, a puzzle system of sorts where you have to figure out the correct response to what your suspect is saying in order to correctly solve the case. In the original 2011 version of LA Noire, you had three answers to choose between during an interrogation: truth, doubt, and lie.

Unfortunately, even these weren’t the original LA Noire answers that were used while voice recording was going on, leading star Aaron Staton to say lines that either contradicted or felt off compared to the three options presented. For example, Aaron’s character Cole Phelps would sometimes go off on a suspect when you simply chose to doubt them.

Because of this, Rockstar has changed the names of the three interrogation answers in LA Noire Remastered to better reflect what Cole Phelps will actually say. The new answers are good cop, bad cop, and accuse, replacing truth, doubt, and lie respectively.

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If you are looking to be kind, you will want to pick good cop. Conversely, if you are mad and want to almost force the answer out of your suspect, then choose bad cop. If you are ready to accuse the suspect of lying and present evidence, then pick the accuse option.

LA Noire Interrogation Answers Explained: Can You Switch Back to Original Interrogation Options?

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For fans of the original LA Noire, we regret to inform you that you unfortunately cannot change the interrogation options back to the original truth, doubt, and lie options. It is worth noting for newcomers, there is only one correct option at a time during interrogations.

Picking an incorrect answer will result in failure, so you must carefully consider what the suspect has said and react accordingly with the good cop, bad cop, and accuse options. Thankfully, the new interrogation answers are tied to the same input buttons on Xbox One and PS4 that they were on the original Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.