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COD WW2 Bullet Pen Kills: How to Complete X-Ray Vision Daily Order in Call of Duty WW2

There’s yet another confusing Daily Order in CoD WW2. This time you need to get 10 “Bullet Pen” kills to complete it. Unfortunately, SHG didn’t really go into depth about what a bullet pen kill actually is. Below we’ll show you how to complete the X-Ray Vision Daily Order and get bullet pen kills in Call of Duty WW2.

What is a Bullet Pen Kill in CoD WW2?

If you saw this order and started searching for a new pen that shoots bullets, then you’re not alone. For a few minutes, I couldn’t figure out what a bullet pen kill was to save my life.

After coming up empty-handed in my search for some James Bond gadget, I realized that SHG meant you need to get bullet penetration kills. I have no idea why they abbreviated the word in the Daily Order instead of spelling it out, but SHG works in mysterious ways.

How to Get Bullet Pen Kills in CoD WW2

When you use higher caliber weapons in Call of Duty WW2 (rifles, light machine guns, sniper rifles), you can shoot through thin walls and obstacles. Bullet penetration is kind of hit or miss in CoD WW2, so sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you can actually shoot through something or not.

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As a rule, you can penetrate through walls made of sheet metal or wood, but not of brick or stone. Additionally, when your bullet goes through the material the damage output drops. You can prevent this, or make weaker guns penetrate better, by equipping the Full Metal Jacket attachment to your weapon. The FMJ attachment is almost essential for the X-Ray Vision Daily Order, so you’ll want to make sure you use a gun you have the accessory available for when you’re trying to complete the order.

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