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Destiny 2 Alkane Spores: Where to Find and How to Farm Them

In one of The Dawning quests in Destiny 2, you’ll be called upon to find three Alkane Spores. This is another one of those items like Phaseglass that you’ve likely forgotten about, though it’s likely you’ve got Alkane Spores along your journey. It’s another one of those planetary resources that are easy to pick up and ignore, that is until you actually need them to complete an objective. Below we’ll show you the location of Alkane Spores, how to find them, and the best way to farm them.

Where Can I Find Alkane Spores in Destiny 2?

Alkane Spores are surprisingly easy to get in Destiny 2, as long as you know the general area you have to look. To find Alkane Spores, you’ll have to go to Titan. This is the unique planetary resource for Titan, so don’t feel bad if you forgot about it. Titan is one of the smaller areas, and after the campaign, there isn’t much incentive to come back unless there’s a Flashpoint there.

The unique resources on Titan actually come in two varieties. The most common is Alkane Dust, which doesn’t do you any good for The Dawning event. The rarer of the two is Alkane Spores, and to get them you’ll have to search through quite a few resource deposits. However, it won’t be all wasted time. In addition to using Alkane Spores to complete the Dawning quest, you can trade them, and the Alkane Dust you’ll get to Sloane in Siren’s Watch in exchange for Legendary Engrams.

How to Farm Alkane Spores in Destiny 2

Before you start trying to farm Alkane Spores in Destiny 2, you’ll need to find a suitable area on Titan to do it. Siren’s Watch isn’t a bad place to start. You’ll want to find a few resource deposits close to a lost sector. To find them you can either use a Ghost shell that features the Titan Resource Detector perk, or if you’re a Hunter, you can use the Nightstalker subclass with the perk Keen Scout activated. Both of these will give you the same result: nearby consumables will show up on the mini-map when in proximity.

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Once you’ve found a suitable place, the hard work is done. What you’re going to want to do to farm Alkane spores is to grab the resource deposits you’ve scouted out, then head into the lost sector. Watch for the loading icon to tell you when the game is loading the lost sector map. Once it’s done loading, head back out the way you came, and the resource deposit should have regenerated.

Alkane Spores are somewhat rare in Destiny 2, so you’ll likely get about one for every ten times you examine a deposit. However, using the process described above you can get them much quicker than you would by just roaming around Titan looking for them.

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