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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Missables List: What Quests and Locations Can Be Missed Forever

Major JRPG’s like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sometimes have missables: quests, locations, and events that can only be experienced for a limited amount of time and if you miss them, you will have to reload a previous save or completely start the game over. Lost Odyssey was notorious for eliminating an entire city including quests if you didn’t do it before continuing the story, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has similar missables.

Being that this Xenoblade Chronicles 2 missables guide takes place during the events of chapter eight, there is a spoiler warning for those that are story sensitive. We won’t go into specifics on what happens or why this specific area and its quests become inaccessible, but we will mention the area. With that said, let’s get started.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Missables Guide

If you are a completionist, you will not want to potentially miss out completely on these Xenoblade Chronicles 2 missables. At a certain point in chapter eight, everything pertaining to Indol becomes inaccessible for the rest of the game including all shops and NPC conversations. If you have missed anything, that’s it. Because of this, we are going to list all of the main content available there so you don’t miss a thing.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gramps and Cloud Sea


There are a few major Xenoblade Chronicles 2 missable side quests available in Indol. Here is the full list:

A Ripe New Frontier: You can start this quest by speaking with Snififi at the Yannath Main Gate. Completing this valuable quest will reward you 5110 Gold, 2780 EXP, 150 SP, a Unicorn Scarf, and a Emergency Guard III Aux Core.

Indol’s Teachings: This side quest is located at Quattor Street and can be started by speaking with Mololo. The rewards for it are 1020 Gold, 960 EXP, 57 SP, and a Rare Core Crystal.

Mellica the Chorister: Start this side quest by speaking with Mellica at Seoris Plaza. Completing it rewards you with 1180 Gold, 1760 EXP, 108 SP, and a Ambush Boost II Aux Core.

Salvage Points

There is one Xenoblade Chronicles 2 missable salvage point near Goetuis Wharf #1.

Collection Points and Treasure Troves

There is one treasure trove located to the left of the Yannath Main Gate behind some boxes and there is another behind the locked gate in the Refugee Campground. There is also an Indol wall painting to be found, but it does move to Fonsett Village if you miss it. Behind the breakable wall in the Refugee Campground are two collection points.

Credit: GameFAQs user Zaxdar