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Clash Royale Princess Card Guide: How to Get Princess in Clash Royale

Unfortunately for fans, Clash Royale can make collecting the best cards an absolute pain. With RNG (random number generators) abound and the game constantly wanting to take your hard-earned money, it can be tough trying to find Legendary cards like the extremely useful Princess. Sadly, if you want to be able to compete with the best of the best in Clash Royale, you’ll need her.

Princess is one of the best cards in the entire game, notable for her use in siege attacks and for support. Her low cost but moderately high damage makes her nearly unstoppable when taking down towers. Better yet, pairing her up with other cards like Zap can provide some insane combos that are almost perfect. Because of her usefulness, you will want her in your deck.

How to Get Princess in Clash Royale

How to Get Princess in Clash Royale

As you probably already know, getting Princess in Clash Royale will take some time and possibly money. Making the effort to move up through the arenas will make it more possible to find Legendary cards in free chests and the like. To get Princess, you need to be in at least arena seven, but that’s only for the very slim chance of getting her.

Unfortunately for you, how to get Princess in Clash Royale is much easier if you have some gems or gold to spare. Let’s start first with the gems method. You can get Princess in Clash Royale by using your gems to purchase chests. While you could opt for Giant Magical Chests, your best bet are Super Magical Chests.

This is due to the ratio of how much you spend plus the chances of receiving a Legendary. You have around a 40% chance of getting a Legendary with a Super Magical Chest, but it does come at a steep cost.

The other, slightly more cost effective method of how to get Princess in Clash Royale is using gold. To do this, you must reach arena nine in the game, so that Legendary cards will begin appearing sometimes in the shop. On average, you will see a Legendary appear in the shop about once a week.

They cost around 40,000 gold to purchase, but that makes it about half the cost as a Super Magical Chest, plus it’s guaranteed. This is certainly the easiest way of how to get Princess in Clash Royale, but it does take time and money.

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