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Dragon Ball FighterZ Sparkling Blast, Z Reflect, Guard Cancel, and More Explained

Dragon Ball FighterZ features a plethora of characters from the anime series, though a number of its moves are universal. Sparkling Blast, Z Reflect, Super Dash and Guard Cancel are each featured in every fighter’s move list, and mastering them is the first step on the road to success.

As such, we’ve detailed each of these four moves and outlined how to pull them off and make use of them during a match. Take a look below:

How to Super Dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Super Dash is arguably the most useful move in Dragon Ball FighterZ, allowing you to close the gap between you and your opponent with the press of a button. In order to pull it off, simply press R2/RT in the direction of your opponent.

You can use Super Dash to throw yourself into a fight and link up combos, ensuring your opponent isn’t given much breathing room.

How to Z Reflect in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Z Reflect can be pulled off by simultaneously moving the analog stick away from your opponent and pressing X/A, with the player having to time it with their opponent’s attack.

If pulled off correctly, you’ll parry your opponent’s attack and move back into space, giving yourself some breathing room and getting you out of a potentially deadly attack. You can then dive right back in with a Super Dash, or give yourself some time to plan your next move.

How to Sparkling Blast in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Sparkling Blast creates a momentary burst of damaging energy around your fighter, hitting the enemy if they’re nearby. It can be activated by simultaneously pressing R1 and R2/RB and RT.

What Does Sparkling Blast Do?

Sparkling Blast is an incredibly useful move, so much so that players are only allowed to activate it once per match.

When used offensively, the Sparkling Blast can elongate combos by way of crumpling the opponent. The increased damage it provides will also allow you to dish out more punishment to your opponent while dealing out this combo. Fighters can also activate it to break free of an opponent’s attack, with it sending them flying backward and creating some breathing room.

Sparkling Blast increases a player’s blue health, which is the bar that regenerates when fighters are swapped out with their teammates. Its damage buff and the amount it heals is increased depending on how few fighters you have left at your disposal. If you only have one fighter left, then Sparkling Blast will be at its most effective, meaning that in the hands of the right player it can be a game-changer.

How to Guard Cancel in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Guard Cancel is essentially the same as an Alpha Counter in other fighting games. In order to pull it off, you must first block. After your opponent attacks you while you’re blocking you, effectively putting you in a blockstun animation, you must then press forward and L1/LB. This will then swiftly tag in your teammate, allowing you to follow up with a counter-attack.

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