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Monster Hunter World Multiplayer Guide: How to Join a Party, Play with Friends, and More

Monster Hunter World may let you go it alone, but there’s nothing better than grouping up with your friends and playing together online. However, for newcomers, this process can be a little bit fiddly, and even after reading the tutorials you may struggle with linking up with one another.

As such, we’ve outlined this guide on how to get started with Monster Hunter World‘s multiplayer, giving you a simple overview of how to play with your friends in co-op, create game sessions, join parties and more.


How to Play Co-op in Monster Hunter World

monster hunter world play with friends

You can decide what kind of multiplayer session you want from the first menu by way of either searching for an online session or creating a brand new one. The former allows you to either matchmake with players around your level, perform a filtered search tailored to your player preferences, or search for a particular session using a session ID.

The latter option will allow you to create your own session, with you able to customize it and set it to private. Doing so will make it invisible from those performing an online session search, but those who know the session ID or are invited can join it. You can also perform a squad session search, which limits the available sessions to those that feature squad members.

After joining one of these sessions, you can take a look at the quest boards to join active quests with other players in the same session. While this is relatively straightforward, if you’re looking to team up with your friends then it’s a little different.

How to Play with Friends in Monster Hunter World

monster hunter world how to play co op

The first thing you’ll need to know is that if you’re setting up a quest for you and your friends to play, they will only be able to play as far as they have reached in Monster Hunter World‘s story. This means that if you’re setting up a level 7 quest for players who are still on their level 3 quests, they won’t be able to join.

To invite your friends to your session, you can either follow the aforementioned steps to create a private session or go to the options/start menu and click ‘Invite a Friend’ under the Communication tab.

After they have joined, head on over to the quest board to get started. Select ‘Post a New Quest,’ then choose which quest you wish to embark on from out of the four available categories. You can’t repeat completed quests in the ‘Assigned’ category, as these are story-based quests.

When you’ve decided on a quest that you can all play, you can select the maximum number of players you want to join it along with setting a passcode. You needn’t worry about the passcode if you’ve already created a private session.

After you’ve accepted the quest, wait for it to load and then open the departure window. If the quest contains cutscenes, the other players may have to wait until you’ve watched them in order to depart. If this is the case, depart solo and they can join you from the quest board after the cutscenes have concluded.