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Ghost Recon Wildlands Patch Notes: What Does the Extended Ops Update Do?

Ubisoft has been churning away, making this game better and better, and that doesn’t stop with the most recent Ghost Recon Wildlands patch notes. Out today, the Extended Ops update changes and adds a lot of great new features to the PvP elements of the game as well as the core campaign.

These Ghost Recon Wildlands patch notes are just the first of a series of updates that Ubisoft has planned for the game in 2018, starting today and continuing each month throughout this first quarter of the year. But what does the Extended Ops update do exactly to the game? Let’s dive in and check it out.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Patch Notes Explained

Ghost Recon Wildlands patch notes

The Ghost Recon Wildlands patch notes detailed by Ubisoft for today’s update outline a good number of changes and additions, beginning with PvP. There is a brand new mode added to Ghost War called Extraction. Similar to Rainbow Six Siege, teams take turns defending or attacking a compound in order to extract one of two hostages.

As the Ghost Recon Wildlands patch notes detail, the new Extraction mode comes alongside two new maps for Ghost War: Institute and Garage. They are the only two maps Extraction can be played on currently, with more maps planned in the future. In addition, there have been some features added to the core campaign.

Also outlined in the Ghost Recon Wildlands patch notes, there are a couple of changes to the campaign that some players will be grateful to know about. First and foremost, Ubisoft has heard the feedback from colorblind gamers and has now added options that cater to anyone that is colorblind in both the campaign and Ghost War.

Lastly, if you have Fallen Ghost, you can now access all of its weapons in the campaign version of the game. According to the Ghost Recon Wildlands patch notes for today, you can download this update right now. The size of the update is 8GB on Steam, 14 on Uplay, and up to 13.5GB depending on your console version.