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PUBG Weekly Reset: When Do PUBG Crates Reset?

The main reward in PUBG is the satisfaction brought about by surviving until the very end, securing that “chicken dinner,” and outliving the other 99 players. However, there are also crates which can bought using BP. These award players with various cosmetic unlocks, allowing for a slice of character customization.

The catch with crates is that you can only buy six per week. Once you’ve hit the limit, you have to wait until the following week to purchase more.

PUBG Weekly Reset: When Do PUBG Crates Reset?

The PUBG weekly reset occurs on Sunday at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m ET. (That’s Monday at 1 a.m. GMT.)

To trigger the reset, you may have to exit out of the game, and reopen it. This will force the PUBG weekly reset to be recognized and crates should now be available.

Once the PUBG crate reset happens, players will be able to purchase more crates, up to six in total. Once six crates have been bought, you will have to wait for the next weekly reset to buy more.

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PUBG Weekly Reset: How Much Do PUBG Crates Cost?

Prices start at 700 BP, before rising to 1,400 BP, 2,800 BP, 4,200 BP, 5,600 BP, and 7,000 BP.

It’s sometimes a good idea to hold off on buying the more expensive crates. Unless you have a lot of BP to spend, it’s often best to wait for the PUBG weekly reset, and then buy a bunch of the less expensive crates.

I achieve around 3,000-4,000 BP each week, and so I usually purcase 2-3 crates, before saving the rest for next time. Of course, if you play PUBG a lot, this will likely not be an issue.