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Fortnite Friendlies Explained: What Time it Starts and How it Works

Fortnite Friendlies (aka The Fortnite Invitational) is making a triumphant return today – February 9 – but what is it, and when is the start time?

The event, which was announced with surprisingly little fanfare over on Fortnite’s Twitter account, begins at 1pm EST and runs until 3pm EST. That’s 6pm-8pm for those in the UK.

How to Play Fortnite Friendlies

fortnite friendlies

If you’re scratching your head, here’s a primer: the aim of the competition is to see which of some of the world’s top players and streamers are the cream of the crop. Members of the Epic dev team also join in the fun. If you want to participate in Fortnite Friendlies, you’re going to need to be holding an invitation from Epic. No ifs, no buts. It’s like Hogwarts but with more sniper rifles and fewer owls.

Last month’s Fortnite Friendlies was played in Duos, with February’s event being solo only. In essence, it’s a celebration of what makes Fortnite so engaging: chaotic gameplay, fused with some of the brightest personalities and most skilled builders on the platform. Surely a recipe for success – or a very, very fun mess at the very least.

Frustratingly, though the event is streamed on Twitch, it won’t be on any official outlets. A streamer will be chosen to host the event for the watching public. Check back here nearer the state date for confirmation, plus keep an eye on the Fortnite tab on Twitch. One lucky streamer will most likely be telling anyone who will listen all about it.

While the invitational may yet become a monthly fixture –  though it sure is looking that way – it remains to be seen whether Epic will push this in a big way. Right now, they’re giving minimal notice and presenting it on a more obscure platform. Share in the love, guys. We only to watch (that sounded less creepy in my head).