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Fortnite Shrine Locations: Where to Find the Temples in Battle Royale

As a result of Epic Games’ latest 2.50 update, players are desperately trying to hunt down the Fortnite shrine locations, with the hidden Chinese temples containing a bunch of loot to aid players’ on their quest for survival.

Where are the Fortnite temples?

These Fortnite temples are incredibly useful as they can contain up to three chests outside of the game’s main towns, meaning that those stumbling through the middle of the nowhere now have a better chance of picking up some more useful equipment.

Along with loot chests, the Fortnite shrines also often contain ammo boxes for you to stock up on rounds for your weapons. However, sometimes these temples can be disappointing, as thanks to the randomized nature of Fortnite Battle Royale‘s loot there’s also a chance that you’ll leave empty-handed.

fortnite shrine locations

There are seven shrines in total, each dotted around different areas of the map. Some of them appear between highly populated areas, while others are located far away from any notable landmark.

Epic Games has introduced these shrines to give players access to more loot outside of its popular areas, and it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll affect gameplay. It’s unclear whether or not these themed temples will stay around much longer after the Chinese New Year, or if they’ll be removed or given a brand new look, but you should hunt them down while they’re still available.

Take a look through the gallery below to see all the individual locations of the Fortnite shrines, and scroll to the last slide to see a full-sized image of their locations on the map:

All Fortnite Shrine Locations: