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Here’s How to Unlock Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Weapons

The Battlefield 1 Apocalypse expansion is now available for Premium Pass holders to play. Among the new content being added are weapons, which can be unlocked through completing different assignments.

If you’ve got your eye on a particular weapon, and want to know exactly how to unlock it, then read on for the answers you desire!

How to Unlock Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Weapons

  • Revolver Mk VI: Kill 25 different enemies with revolvers.
  • RSC SMG Factory: Perform 50 kills as Assault.
  • RSC SMG Optical: Perform 50 kills with the RSC SMG factory. In a round, perform 300 vehicle damage with explosives.
  • LMG 09/18 Low Weight: Perform 50 kills as Support
  • LMG 08/18 Suppressive :Perform 50 kills with the LMG 08/18 low weight. In a round, perform 100 resupplies.
  • Ross Mk III Marksman: Perform 50 kills as a Scout
  • M1917 Enfield Infantry: Perform 50 kills with the Ross Mk III marksman. Accumulate 2500 metres of heatshots using single action rifles.
  • Howell Automatic Factory: Perfom 50 kills as medic
  • Howell Automatic Sniper: Perform 50 kills with the Howell Automatic factory. In a round, perform 600 points of healing.

BF1 Apocalypse Weapons

I’ve got to say, these assignments are a lot less challenging than what we’ve been given in the past. I’m sure most players won’t have a problem completing 100 percent of the BF1 Apocalypse weapons assignments.

Upon finishing an assignment, you’ll find weapons added to your weapon selection menu. Ensure you’re using the correct class, then scroll through to find your new Battlefield 1 weapons.

Let us know which weapons you’re looking to unlock first. I’ll be starting with the Revolver Mk. VI, followed by the RSC SMG factory, before pushing for the Ross Mk. III Marksman.

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