A New Sonic Racing Game is On its Way, According to Toymaker

A new Sonic racing game is reportedly on its way, with toymaker Diamond Select Toys stating that mini-figures depicting Sonic the Hedgehog and friends racing around a track are on their way.

This is the second time a toymaker has mentioned that these figurines are being developed, following Zappies’ claim that a new Sonic racer was on its way in 2018. Rumors of a Sonic Kart game had been circulating for a while before being dashed by the Sonic brand’s social media manager Aaron Webber, though it seems that there could be some truth to the speculation.

Speaking in an interview at the New York Toy Fair, a representation for Diamond Select said: “There are some minifigures […] some come with diorama pieces you’re going to build a race track from the game.”

The interview takes place at around the 8:32 mark in the below video:

While a Sonic Kart game may not be on its way, there’s no saying that a brand new Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing sequel isn’t in development. It seems highly unlikely that toys would be manufactured for old Sonic racing games considering that All-Stars Racing Transformed was released way back in 2012, so there’s a possibility that these figurines are set to tie in with a new release.

Considering Zappies’ comments that this game will be released later this year, if we are to receive a brand new Sonic racing game, then we’ll likely hear more news sooner rather than later.