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Fortnite Logging In Problems: How to Fix Fortnite Not Logging In Issues

It’s been a painful day for Fortnite players, as not only did the community have to deal with scheduled maintenance and downtime, but there was also additional unplanned downtime after the new 3.0.0 update went live.

Despite Epic Games confirming that services should have resumed back to normal, with Fortnite now being online and ready to entertain once more, it seems many players are still suffering from Fortnite logging in issues.

If you’re facing a Fortnite not logging in fiasco, here’s the best course of action:

Fortnite Logging In Problems: How to Fix Fortnite Not Logging In Issues

First, ensure that you have rebooted the game, to allow for any changes to be applied. If that doesn’t work, we’d recommend rebooting your console or PC.

Failing those obvious (but often effective) fixes, you’ll want to pay close attention to the Fortnite social media channels. The team are very communicative and often respond quickly to questions. Twitter is the best place for getting a response, I’ve found.

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Fortnite Logging In Problems: Why Is It Happening?

The Fortnite logging in problems are likely due to the server downtime that has recently ended. Some players may take a little longer than others to be brought back online. It’s not clear when all players will be access the game, so keep trying and you should get on soon!