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Best Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods: Must-Have Add-Ons for Your Medieval Adventure

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has only been out a week, but fans are already churning out mods to fix some of the perceived issues with the game, add new functionality, and make tweaks. Even though Kingdom Come modding is in its infancy, there are already some must-have mods that you’ll likely want to grab at some point. The place to check for the best Kingdom Come mods is NexusMods. New downloads are being added daily, and we’ll be updating this article as more come out.

There is one thing to note about Kingdom Come mods right now. Since the game is receiving so many updates, it’s highly likely that the older a mod is, the less likely it is to still be compatible with the game. When downloading a mod, make sure to check the description and make sure it’s usable with the latest patch. Otherwise, you might end up with game crashes or corrupted saves.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Mod Manager and Installing Mods

As of right now, there’s no mod manager for Kingdom Come. If you’re into modding games like Skyrim, Fallout, The Witcher 3, and others, you’re aware of how much smoother a mod manager makes the process. Unfortunately, for right now each mod has its own installation process that you’ll find in the description.

Fortunately, most of these mods come as separate files, so at least you don’t have to overwrite any original game files (for most of them). If you do install some mods and find your game not starting, even after removing the files, you can use Steam to verify the integrity of Kingdom Come, and it will download original versions and overwrite any modified files.

Kingdom Come Unlimited Saving Mod

Kingdom Come Deliverance Unlimited Saving

Kingdom Come takes a more hardcore approach to saving than most open-world RPGs. You get autosaves after significant quest occurrences and sleeping, but if you want a quicksave, you need to use an item called Saviour Schnapps. Some people love this, but this was the most prominent criticism leveled at the game upon its release.

Thankfully, there’s a mod that allows you to quicksave everywhere and anywhere outside of combat. This download is easy to install and completely removes the Saviour Schnapps requirement. It’s a must-have for anyone who likes to quicksave before entering a risky situation.

Kingdom Come Easy Lockpicking

Kingdom Come Deliverance Easy Lockpicking

If you’re a master of unlocking in Kingdom Come and you’re tired of having to play the lockpicking mini-game every single time you open a door or chest, this mod is for you. With the Easy Lockpicking mod, you’ll instantly unlock any doors or chests that are at your current skill level. However, this isn’t a cheat. For harder locks, you’ll still need to play the picking mini-game. This is a good mod if you want to take some of the more annoying parts of Henry’s routine out of the game without breaking immersion or cheating.

Kingdom Come Remove Those Stupid Arrow Trails


Kingdom Come prides itself on authenticity, which makes it weird that when you shoot an arrow, it gets a little smoke trail out of the end. I suppose this is so you can track its path easier, but to me, it just looks goofy. The game certainly doesn’t make any concessions to be easier in its other systems so why should archery be different?

With this mod, arrows will fly without leaving the weird trails. It’ll be harder to see where they’re flying and find them, but you can pair this mod with the one below for a more authentic and immersive way to keep track of your arrows.

Kingdom Come Colored Arrow Feathers

Kingdom Come Deliverance Colored Arrows

Archers have been dyeing their fletching for centuries to make arrows easier to spot. Unfortunately, the arrows in Kingdom Come seem to be specially designed to blend in perfectly with earth tones. This means that you’ll usually waste a ton of arrows, especially given the inaccuracy of bows in general.

With the Colored Arrow Features, mod your fletching gets a much bolder, brighter color scheme. This allows you to keep track of them much easier than the original tones, and they’re easier to follow in flight as well.

Kingdom Come Roads are Dangerous

Kingdom Come Deliverance Roads Are Dangerous

Once you get further into the game and Henry is all kitted out, the world seems much less dangerous. Random fights add a little danger into the mix, but they don’t occur often enough to keep you on your toes.

The Roads are Dangerous mod consists of two separate modules you can add to make the trails of Bohemia a lot more deadly. One module simply increases the frequency of ambushes and battles while fast traveling. The other adds three new encounters with new types of mobs. You worked for that powerful armor and weapons, now fight to keep it.

Kingdom Come Very Unintrusive Reticle

Kingdom Come Deliverance Very Unintrusive Reticle

The reticle in Kingdom Come is a bright yellow dot that just sits in the middle of the screen the whole time you’re playing (except, ironically, when you’re using the bow). Fortunately, this mod makes the little dot a lot more opaque without reducing its effectiveness entirely.

Kingdom Come Skip Intro Movies

Kingdom Come Deliverance Skip Intro Movies

One of the first mods for any PC game is usually one to let you skip the intro movies. It’s not that Kingdom Come‘s intro video is terrible, but after hearing the same startup 50 times you just kind of want to stare at a black screen until the menu loads. This mod lets you skip the initial startup movies in Kingdom Come and go straight to the menu after a brief load.

Kingdom Come Reshade Presets

Kingdom Come Deliverance Reshade

So you’ve maxed out Kingdom Come on ultra, and you still want more. ReShade is the solution for you. ReShade is a post-processing injector for games that can create depth-of-field, ambient occlusion, color correction, and other effects independently of a game’s settings.

There’s already a ton of ReShade presets on NexusMods ranging from more realistic color tones to bright, fantastical ones. There isn’t really a “best” preset per se; you’ll just have to look through them and find the one that speaks to you. I’m a fan of the more realistic ones myself, but there is something beautiful about Bohemia with oversaturated colors.

We’ll be adding (and removing) mods from this list as time goes on. For more info on Kingdom Come Deliverance check out our game hub or the articles below.