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Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit: How to find the Necronomicon

Restless Spirit is a lengthy side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance that includes finding the Necronomicon. This task requires you to do a lot of traveling, and a few objectives aren’t even marked on your map in Restless Task. We’ll tell you how to find the Necronomicon in Kingdom Come and how to excise the ghost haunting Ledetechko for good.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit: Visit the Herbalist and Drahomira

To find the starting point for Restless Spirit, you’ll need to go north of Ledetchko and when you reach the fork, head left up the hill. There you’ll find the local herbalist. If you ask her if she has any work for her she’ll tell you about the Butcher’s widow Drahomira.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit Ledetchko Herbalist Location

Drahomira is being haunted by a ghost, and since the herbalist doesn’t get around so well anymore, she asks you to handle it. She tells you that you’ll need ten poppies and a batch of flowers from the grave of the deceased to make an incense to dispel the ghost. just go ahead and buy all ten poppies from the Herbalist when the conversation is over for 2 Groschen and save yourself the trouble of searching around for them.

Head back to Ledetchko and speak with Drahomira at the butchery. She’ll tell you the ghost of a deceased local named Alois is the one haunting her. To find Alois grave, you’ll need to go to Sasau. She mentions that the grave is by the wall and overgrown with weeds and that Alois used to be her neighbor and they grew up together. With that information learned, head to Sasau.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit: Find Alois’ Grave and Perform the Smudging Ritual

Once you make it to Sasau, head to the church and look around outside. The grave containing Alois is the one with tall grass on it. Grab the flower on top of his burial plot, and you’re good to go. Head back to Ledetchko and get ten poppies if you didn’t buy them from the herbalist earlier.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit Alois Grave

Once you have the ingredients you need for the incense, head over to see Drahomira and you can begin the smudging ritual. I had Henry read it in Latin to seem more mysterious, but I don’t think it matters what you do. Once the ritual is complete, you need to wait until the next morning and return to the butcher shop. Talk to Drahomira once more, and you’ll find out that the ritual didn’t work and Alois is still pestering her.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit: Talk to the Rattay Apocathary and Find the Necronomicon

After talking to Drahomira, you’ll be pointed in the direction of the Rattay Apothecary to find further answers on how to dispel ghosts. Head down there and speak with Apothecary Konyash. Ask him for help getting rid of the spirit and he’ll tell you about the Necronomicon. The Necronomicon may contain the answers you seek, but it’s banned by the church and the only place that Konyash can think of that might have a copy is the Satau monastery.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit Monastary Necronomicon Location

The quest marker doesn’t update after speaking with the apothecary, but he is right in that you need to go to the monastery. Once there, you need to equip your lightest, quietest clothing to complete this mission. You also need to be able to lockpick at least hard level locks.

Go to the southeastern corner of the monastery and head up the steps. You’ll notice that there is an unlocked door you can open that leads into the monastery. Head in and proceed until you hit the point it says you’re trespassing. Back out quickly, and then wait until 1-2 AM.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit Necronomicon

At this point the monks are asleep, and it’ll be a lot easier to nab the Necronomicon. Proceed into the restricted area until you reach a small room with a table with four chairs around it. Nearby against the wall, you’ll find a trunk with a hard level lock. Pick it, and you’ll find the Key to forbidden books. Head through the next door and go straight through to reach the library.

As soon as you open the door to the library on the immediate left, you’ll find a locked cabinet which the Key to forbidden books will unlock. On the second shelf on the left side will be the Necronomicon. It might be hard to get the prompt to pick it up to appear, but it’s there. Once you have it, sneak back out of the monastery and return to Rattay.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit: Give the Apothecary the Necronomicon and Find Lada’s Grave

When you get back to Rattay, give the Necronomicon to the apothecary and wait for a few hours until he reads it. You won’t get an indicator or quest update that he’s read the book; you’ll just have to check back in with him.

Once he’s read it, he’ll tell you that you need to find the grave of the person that is disturbing Alois’ rest. Then you’ll need to cast a spell over that grave to quiet their soul and allow Alois to rest in peace. He suggests that you ask Drahomira who could be riling Alois up.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit Lada Grave

Go back to Ledetchko and head over to the butchers to talk to Drahomora. She tells you that Alois died in a fire set by his crazy and jealous wife Lada. After that Lada got crazier until one day they found her dead in the woods. She can’t tell you where her grave is but suggests that someone in town can.

I questioned the local barmaid and she pointed me right to Lada’s grave. It’s northeast of Ledetchko just off the trail by the stream. It’s marked pretty accurately on your map, and you can’t miss it if you follow the waypoint.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit: Meet the Apothecary at the Ledetchko Crossroads and Cast the Spell on Lada’s Grave

You have to go all the way back to Rattay just for the Apothecary to tell you to meet him at the Ledetchko crossroads northeast of town at night. Head there, and sure enough, at night he’ll appear, and you can proceed to Lada’s grave.

Once you get to Lada’s grave, Konyash will say some spooky woods, and you’ll be done. Now all you have to do is wait for sunrise to check in and see if it worked.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit: Talk to Godwin About the Ghost and Find out the Truth from Drahomira

When you go to check out if the spell worked in the morning, Drahomira will tell you it didn’t and implore you to seek a priest. Well, the best priest in this neck of the woods is Godwin, so head up to Uzhitz to see him. Speaking with Godwin will enlighten you as to what Drahomira’s real burden may be. He suggests that a guilty conscience might be causing her problems, not a ghost.

Go back to Ledetchko and get Drahomira to tell the truth. She’ll spill the beans that she and Alois had an affair and the reason his wife burnt him alive is because of his infidelity. She carries the weight of it on her shoulders that she is the reason that Alois died. Tell her it’s not her fault and that she shouldn’t tell his children and she’ll ask you one last favor.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit: Go to the Quarry and Get the Conciliatory Cross

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit Conciliatory Cross

Drahmomira will ask you to go to the Talmburg quarry and have a Conciliatory Cross made. Fast travel there and head over to the quarry and they’ll have one ready to go for 10 Groschen. However, if you’re on the main story mission Siege, the quarry will be replaced by a camp, and you’ll need to finish it before you can complete this objective.

Once you pay for the Conciliatory Cross, you’ll get a cutscene, and Drahomira will give you a unique ring.

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