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FFXIV Little Ladies Day 2018 Guide: Where to Start and All Emote Rewards

Square Enix has released the next limited time event and this time it’s the return of Little Ladies Day FFXIV. Celebrate the little ladies in your life by partaking in all of the festivities surrounding the Songbirds group. More importantly, there are some pretty sweet rewards for you to pick up during this event.

Being that the Little Ladies Day FFXIV event is limited, you will want to jump on starting it fast so you don’t miss out on these exclusive emotes and more. Without further ado, let’s get started on where to start this event, what rewards you can receive from it, and more.

Where to Start Little Ladies Day FFXIV

FFXIV Little Ladies Day 2018

You can start Little Ladies Day FFXIV in Uldah like in previous years. You can begin the event by teleporting to Uldah and going and speaking with the Mythril Eye Reporter at (X:9.2, Y:9.1), which is just in front of the main Aetheryte crystal in Uldah.

The Little Ladies Day FFXIV 2018 event is available right now for all players level 15 or higher in Uldah and will be running through Wednesday, March 14th at 7:59 am PDT. It is just under two weeks, so you will want to make sure to not waste time and miss out on the sweet rewards you can get.

All Little Ladies Day FFXIV Emotes and Rewards

In addition to the return of certain Little Ladies Day FFXIV event items from previous years, you can get a few new rewards from this year’s event. The most important of these are the emotes that are exclusive to this event.

Here are all of the exclusive Little Ladies Day FFXIV rewards you can get through this event only:

  • Cheer Jump Emote
  • Cheer Wave Emote
  • Cheer On Emote
  • Far Eastern Doll Display (table)
  • Siren Song Orchestrion Roll