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Kingdom Come Deliverance Cheats: Unlimited Money, Health, Items and More

We’ve already listed some great Kingdom Come Deliverance cheats, in the form of console commands that require no mods to activate. For players wanting some basic tweaks, they’re great. However, if you’re looking for unlimited money, max stats and skills, or the ability to spawn any item your heart desires, then you’ll want to read on, and learn about the new “Cheat” mod.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Cheats: Installation

This only works with the PC version of Kingdom Come Deliverance. You’ll want to head to Nexus Mods and install the “Cheat” mod. Once installed, you’ll be able to enter an extended range of console commands, which are significantly more potent than the default selection.

Kingdom Come Unlimited Money

Kingdom Come Deliverance Cheats: Cheat List

Here’s the current list of available cheats:

  • cheat_add_all_items
  • cheat_add_all_perks
  • cheat_add_buff
  • cheat_add_buff_heal
  • cheat_add_buff_immortal
  • cheat_add_item
  • cheat_add_money
  • cheat_add_perk
  • cheat_add_stat_xp
  • cheat_eval
  • cheat_find_buffs
  • cheat_find_horses
  • cheat_find_items
  • cheat_find_perks
  • cheat_find_skills
  • cheat_get_time
  • cheat_loc
  • cheat_no_door_lockpicking
  • cheat_no_lockpicking
  • cheat_no_pickpocketing
  • cheat_no_stash_lockpicking
  • cheat_own_all_stolen_items
  • cheat_phys_hover
  • cheat_phys_push
  • cheat_phys_sprint
  • cheat_remove_all_buffs
  • cheat_remove_all_items
  • cheat_remove_all_perks
  • cheat_remove_all_stolen_items
  • cheat_remove_buff
  • cheat_remove_buff_immortal
  • cheat_remove_item
  • cheat_remove_perk
  • cheat_repair_all_items
  • cheat_reveal_map
  • cheat_save
  • cheat_set_all_merchants_fence
  • cheat_set_bow_reticle
  • cheat_set_horse
  • cheat_set_regen
  • cheat_set_skill_level
  • cheat_set_stat_level
  • cheat_set_state
  • cheat_set_time
  • cheat_set_time_speed
  • cheat_set_wanted_level
  • cheat_teleport
  • cheat_unlock_recipes
  • cheat_wash_dirt_and_blood

It’s worth bookmarking the update page here, as there has been a fair amount of support for the mod already, and it’s possible further improvements will be made.

I’d also recommend scanning through the “Posts” tab, which has some helpful tips and tricks. If you’re using Kingdom Come cheats, you might as well be doing it optimally!

Kingdom Come Deliverance Cheats: Make a Backup

If you’re thinking about installing any mods, I’d always recommending backing up your existing game files. Copy and paste the “Kingdom Come Deliverance” folder to a safe place, and then you can easily drag and drop it back into the Steam folder, should anything go wrong.