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PUBG Xbox Update 9: What Does the New Update for PUBG on Xbox Do?

No, you’re not dreaming! PUBG Xbox Update 9 is now live and available for Xbox One owners to download and install. This hotly-anticipated patch implements a host of player-requested features, helps the game to run smoother with optimizations, improves the UI, and squashes a bunch of bugs.

PUBG Xbox Update 9: Patch Notes Highlights

The biggest changes found within the PUBG Xbox Update 9 patch notes help match the console version up to the current PC build. There are now multiple starting areas, with no weapons spawning during the pre-round setup, which should help both server and game client performance. Sound effects of both water and the red zone have been tweaked, as have the random teleporting and deaths which some players have been experiencing.

A unique improvement for the Xbox One version, is that the Game DVR is now supported for automatic recording of gameplay highlights. Players will need to enable this within the Settings menu. The developer has also further optimized textures, landscapes, and buildings to improve performance.

PUBG Xbox Update 9

PUBG Xbox Update 9: No New Map

Unfortunately, PUBG Xbox Update 9 does not include a new map for Xbox One players. Miramar remains a PC exclusive. Many players will no doubt be disappointed by this news, but I think the developer wants to finish optimizing the first map, before moving on to the next.

For the full list of PUBG Xbox Update 9 patch notes, which include every bug fix and also known issues, click here.