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Fortnite Rex Skin: How to Unlock the New Fortnite Skin

Another week, another funky-looking new Fortnite skin for players to unlock and use. The Fortnite Rex skin was first teased with a recent leak, and now it’s available to all players across all platforms.

The official Fortnite Twitter announced the Fortnite Rex skin’s release with a tweet, which included an awesome new image:

Fortnite Rex Skin: How to Unlock the New Fortnite Skin

To unlock the new Fortnite Rex skin, players will need to spend 2,000 V-Bucks. That’s a pretty steep price, but it’s worth remembering that, not only does the skin come with the basic outfit, but also the back bling, too. This means you can mix and match skins, to have a knight with a dragon tail, for example!

The Fortnite Rex skin’s description reads: “Hunting the competition to extinction.”

Check out the screenshot below to see how the skin looks:

Fortnite Rex Skin: Gameplay Video

If the above screenshot doesn’t give you a good enough idea of how awesome the Fortnite Rex skin looks, I’d recommend watching a gameplay video, to see it in action.

Here’s a video by FaZe Agony, in which he uses both the Fortnite Rex skin and the new Pick Squeak weapon skin: (Note: I’ve skipped the video ahead a little.)