PUBG Xbox Update Patch Notes

PUBG Xbox Update 10: PUBG Xbox Update Patch Notes

The PUBG Xbox Update 10 is now live on all Xbox One systems, and Bluehole has provided the PUBG Xbox update patch notes which detail the changes. This Xbox hotfix demanded 30 minutes of downtime. It focuses on squashing a number of pesky bugs.

Players who have been experiencing problems with the parachute cable, reviving friendly players, and/or footstep noises being heard when reloading certain weapons, will be pleased to read the PUBG Xbox update patch notes.

PUBG Xbox Update 10: PUBG Xbox Update Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where player revival would continue despite interruption
  • Fixed repeating sounds from footsteps or when reloading Kar98k, Revolver, or Shotgun
  • Fixed issue where (B) and (Y) buttons remained active in gameplay while in the map view
  • Fixed issue where the parachute cable would not disappear following a landing in water
  • Fixed issue where the player could not cut the parachute cable when becoming stuck during landing

Known Issues

  • Pressing the (B) button while in the Settings menu will cause the player to exit the plane

PUBG Xbox Update 10 is very minor, bringing some small fixes to the game. Players disappointed to see such a small number of changes come with this patch will be happy to know that bigger features are being added during spring, including the Miramar desert map! For those big updates to take place, however, smaller hotfixes like today’s are required to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

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