Fortnite vs Fortcraft: Which is the Better Fortnite Mobile Game?

Fortnite is coming to mobile, but Fortcraft is already there and being tested. What is the difference between the games? And which title will likely come out on top? Here’s what you need to know!

Fortnite vs Fortcraft: What is Fortcraft?

fortnite vs fortcraft

Fortcraft is a mobile game that looks incredibly similar to Fortnite. It’s currently in the beta testing stage, with a release date not yet confirmed. Despite this, developer NetEase has provided screenshots and details of what to expect from Fortcraft.

Players will get to explore the massive map, with its 13 environments. Fortcraft also promises “fully destructible environments,” as well as the ability to build structures on-the-fly, “in any shape or manner you desire.” Weapon-wise, there are 12 unique guns, as well as special weapons, like bazookas, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers.

Fortcraft will launch with three different modes, with each supporting the player’s own customized UI. This feature is a must for mobile games! Also available at launch will be Ranked Seasons, Friends, Streams, Looks, Store, Gallery, and Chat functions.

Fortnite vs Fortcraft: What is Fortnite Mobile?

fortnite vs fortcraft

Fortnite on mobile is, according to Epic Games, the full Battle Royale experience that we know from PC and consoles, only squashed down and made portable.

Though it should feel like the typical Fortnite experience, mobile players will have to get used to onscreen controls. The graphics will also be turned down a little, with visuals lacking the crispness seen on consoles and PC.

Fortnite vs Fortcraft: Which One is Better?

Compared to Fortcraft, I think many will count Fortnite as the original building/Battle Royale title. Epic Games already has a huge player base ready to experience the game on mobile, and I think Fortcraft will have to perform a miracle to compete.

With that said, any Android players who grow impatient waiting for Fortnite‘s release may want to try Fortcraft instead…