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Fortnite Rocket Rodeo Emote: What is Rocket Rodeo Fortnite, How Much Does it Cost?

Showing off in Fortnite just got a thousand times cooler. There’s a new emote in town: the Rocket Rodeo is bound to annoy everyone. Except those who use it to get a rocket kill. You’re the real MVPs. Read on for everything you need to know about the Fortnite’s newest emote, including how much it costs, what it does, and what it’s paying homage to.

Rocket Rodeo Fortnite: What is It, What Does It Do, How Much Does It Cost

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Rocket Rodeo is a brand-new emote that has just (if you excuse the pun) launched on Fortnite. Like some other emotes, the Rocket Rodeo can drastically alter your player’s movements and give you a slight advantage in-game. Compared to some of the other emotes, it might actually be worth showing off with this one.

Taking its cue from classic movie Dr. Strangelove, the Rocket Rodeo emote sees your player avatar ride an imaginary rocket (presented as a blue hologram in-game) and start bucking on it as if it were a horse. What’s more, if you couple the emote with a rocket ride, you can pull off a Rocket Rodeo whilst riding a rocket. You’ll be the coolest guy in Tomato Town if you can accomplish that.

The Rocket Rodeo emote will set you back 800 V-Bucks. You can currently pick up packs of 1000 V-Bucks for roughly $10/£8, so you’ll have enough spare should you wish to splash the (virtual) cash on another item that takes your fancy, which may or may not include the Burnout skin announced in Fortnite V 3.2.

And that’s that! Have fun playing around with the Rocket Rodeo, one of Fortnite’s silliest, and possibly best, emotes.