Fortnite Teams of 20 and Burnout Skin Announced in New Update V3.2

The new Fortnite Teams of 20 mode (or 20v20v20v20v20, as some are calling it) has been announced by Epic Games, with the developer introducing the brand new game type in its update v3.2. Alongside this exciting new mode, Epic will also introduce a variety of other features, including a brand new Burnout skin for Fortnite Battle Royale.

The new patch was announced today (read all about it right here), with the Fortnite servers having been taken offline and matchmaking disabled in preparation for the patch. The new v3.2 update will include a new mode in which five teams of 20 will duke it out in a battle for survival, with each trying to claim that elusive Victory Royale in a colossal team deathmatch.

For the Teams of 20 mode, all teammates will be displayed in green on the map, which will also display the total number of players alive on each team. Treasure chest and ammo box spawn rates have been increased, while Supply Drops are also increased. Teams consist of five squads of four players.

The new mode follows Fortnite 50 vs 50 game type, which also proved to be popular within its rapidly increasing community. Watch the trailer below:

The patch also brings with it brand new content for both Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World, with the Burnout skin, Hoverboard Boost Pad and the Wukong hero each being added to the game in the new patch.

Take a look at all three below:

As usual, the update also brings with it some performance updates and bug fixes, too, including amending problems with the Hunting Rifle’s accuracy, and an issue with those playing in 60 FPS not being able to jump as high as those playing in 30 FPS.

(Via Epic Games)