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Fortnite Blitz Mode: What Is Fortnite Blitz Mode?

The Fortnite Blitz mode release date has been confirmed, and Epic Games has revealed new details about what the upcoming Limited Time Mode will involve. March 19 is when all Battle Royale players will be able to access Blitz, rotating in for the current Teams of 20 mode.

To get you prepped and ready to rumble, here’s the rundown on the new Fortnite Blitz Mode.

Fortnite Blitz Mode: What Is Fortnite Blitz Mode?

As mentioned above, Fortnite Blitz Mode is a new Limited Time Mode that will launch on March 19. It brings a special set of rules to the game, which will speed up matches and make for more intense encounters.

Like preview Limited Time Modes, Blitz will only be around for a set time, which is usually a week or so. If you’re interested in giving the Blitz game type a go, make sure you’re online on or around March 19.

Fortnite Blitz Mode: Rules and Changes

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The changes brought in by the Fortnite Blitz mode generally make for a fast and furious gameplay experience. Storm times have been shortened, and maximum match length has been reduced down to just 15 minutes. What’s more, the storm will already be closing in on the island at match start, so there will be very little time to search for weapons and resources, before you’re forced to move.

Loot availability has also been tweaked, with treasure chests and ammo boxes spawning in more frequently. Floor Loot will be spawning nearly 100% of the time, and Supply Drops will be falling more often. In fact, you’ll find that to counter the shorter match times, resources will be plentiful, with harvesting amounts doubled, dropped loot getting a boost, and more.

The Fortnite Blitz mode makes getting good loot a breeze, allowing players to focus on fighting one another. It sounds epic!

(via Epic Games)