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Sea of Thieves Character Customization: How Does the Character Creator Work?

Before you sail in Sea of Thieves, you’ll need to use the character creator to make an avatar to represent you in-game. Unfortunately, when it comes to Sea of Thieves character customization, the character creator leaves a bit to be desired. However, there are various cosmetics that you can acquire while playing that makes up for the lack of options when it comes to making your character.

How Does the Sea of Thieves Character Creator Work?

Instead of actually letting you select from a host of options, Sea of Thieves’ character creator works on a much simpler principle. The game will display eight randomly-generated characters for you to choose from. These characters run the gamut when it comes to skin color, gender, age, and other features. If you don’t like the first eight you’re presented with you can press RB and move on to another eight designs.

While some players will be disappointed in lacking the ability to really get down and dirty and customize your characters in Sea of Thieves, Rare did say that character creation is like this for a reason. They want players to pick a character they might not typically create, and by having a set number of predesigned character parts, they can more easily implement effects that affect your character in real-time.

Sea of Thieves Character Customization: What Are My Options?

So you don’t get much control over character creation in Sea of Thieves, so what can you do to make your avatar more unique? Well, Sea of Thieves has a lot of cosmetic items you can earn in-game that can give you new outfits or other ornamental features.

There are eyepatches and peg legs, and you can change your character’s hairdo or facial hair style. You can also get the uniform of an admiral, a scurvy pirate, and others. The real character customization in Sea of Thieves is in earning cosmetic items. You can also get pets that will follow you around and add more of a unique aura about your avatar.

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