Superman Returns,Superman Returns: The Videogame Xbox Cheats

Codes: Enter these at the pause screen.

Freeroam as BizarroUp Right Down Right Up Left Down Right Up
Infinite Metro Health.Circle, Right, Circle, Right Up, Left, Right, Circle.
Unlock All Power-ups.Left, Circle, Right, Square, Down, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Circle, Square.
Unlock All Unlockables.Left, Up, Right, Down, Circle, Square, Circle, Up, Right, Square

Unlockable Trophies/Costumes:

Pod SuitDefeat Bizzaro for the last time
Golden Age SuitFinish the last level
Bizzaro Unchampion TrophyComplete all Bizzaro mini-games
Globe Bowling TrophyPick up the Daily Planet globe
Kitten Finder ExtraordinaireRescue all 100 kittens
Meteor MayhemFinish the first level of the game
Outstanding Valet TrophyPick up 500 cars
Photo FinishDefeat 500 enemies

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