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Sea of Thieves Max Crew Size: How Many Players Can You Have on One Ship?

The Sea of Thieves max crew size has been a point of contention between players and developers since the first beta launched. It seems like no one can entirely agree on the limit of how many players you can have on one ship. For now, though, the maximum crew size in Sea of Thieves is set in stone, at least as far as matchmaking goes. However, there are ways around that.

Sea of Thieves Max Crew Size: How Many Players Can You Have in a Crew?

For right now your max crew size in Sea of Thieves is limited to what kind of boat you choose before entering the game. You can choose to go it alone in a sloop or with another pirate. If you want to sail in a galleon, the max crew is four players.

Sea of Thieves is definitely developed around a “make your own adventure” style of play, so even though going it alone can be fun; it’s a game that’s geared towards playing with others. Since that’s the case, the more players you play with, the more fun you’ll usually have. However, there is plenty to do by yourself or with one other pirate.

Sea of Thieves Max Crew Size: How to Get More Than Four Players on a Ship

Although Sea of Thieves only allows matchmaking with a max of four characters, you’re technically free to crew a ship with as many pirates as you want. However, this takes quite a bit of coordination, and you can never be sure that your friends will spawn in the same server as you do.

If you want to get more than four players on a ship in Sea of Thieves, you merely have to find other players who are willing to play nice and crew your boat. There are no restrictions on players outside of your crew interacting with your boat at all, so they can man cannons and sails just like everyone else.

The drawback to using this method is twofold. First, if a person outside of your party interacts with a mermaid, they’ll go back to their ship, not yours. Also, you can’t share the loot haul with them automatically like you can your regular crewmates.

For now, Rare is sticking by a four-man crew max, but in the future, it’s possible we might see six-man crews and even bigger ships than the galleon.

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