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Sea of Thieves How to Open Chests: How to Sell Chests

So you found your first chest in Sea of Thieves, now, how do you open it? One of the primary ways to get gold in the game is to search for buried treasure. However, once you find it, it seems impossible to actually open the chests. Below we’ll tell you what you need to know about how to open chests in Sea of Thieves and what to do with them once you’ve got them.

How to Open Treasure Chests in Sea of Thieves

You don’t actually need to open treasure chests in Sea of Thieves to get gold. In fact, it’s impossible to open chests right now, so don’t even worry about it. Instead, you need to take them back to an outpost and sell them.

Before you set sail to find a chest you had to speak with someone to acquire the voyage to go get it. The person you talked to was part of The Gold Hoarders. The Gold Hoarders like to hang out in fashionable little tents, and you can find them in each outpost.

How to Sell Chests in Sea of Thieves

Once you’ve found your first chest in Sea of Thieves, selling it is easy. Sail to any outpost (the closest is likely the one you started at) and anchor your ship. You can then pick up your chest and head to shore.

Once you’re ashore, you need to find The Gold Hoarders tent. It’s usually pretty close to the boat dock, and not too hard to locate. Once there you’ll see a prompt that allows you to sell the chest.

When you sell a chest in Sea of Thieves you’ll get a chunk of gold, the amount depending on the rarity of the chest, and some reputation with the Gold Hoarders. The higher your reputation, the more levels you’ll gain and the more lucrative the voyages you receive will be.

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