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Overwatch Update 2.36 Adds Brigitte Hero, Nerfs Sombra and Fixes Bugs

Overwatch Update 2.36 finally ends Brigitte’s PC PTR exclusivity, bringing the new support hero to PS4, Xbox One, and the normal PC client. In addition to adding a new character to fight as and against, Update 2.36 also makes some minor balance changes to Sombra, and implements a number of bug fixes.

Overwatch Update 2.36 Patch Notes

The main highlight of the Overwatch Update 2.36 patch notes is Brigitte. A new hero is always cause for jubilation, and players will no doubt be eager to try out this support character.

Sombra’s Hack ability has been nerfed, and will now experience a 2-second cooldown when the move is interrupted by damage. Hack will also be more consistently interrupted when targets break line of sight.

A slight tweak to the user interface now has the Team Information Screen displaying the ultimate charge of enemies.

Overwatch Update 2.36

As for bug squashing, a great deal of heroes have been targeted with fixes, including Doomfist and his Rocket Punch, Junkrat’s RIP-Tire ability, Mercy’s Regeneration, and more.

Blizzard World had an issue where some objects, like souvenir carts, blocked projectiles. This has now been fixed.

The full list of Overwatch Update 2.36 changes can be found here. Note that the official list of patch notes are extensive, with the developers offering their comments on the various changes and improvements. This addition level of transparency is certainly great to see, but if you’re just wanting to quickly note the changes, I’d stick with the highlights.

With Brigitte now available to all players, expect to see the support hero being used by the majority. A new hero is always going to attract attention from both veterans and newcomers.

I say embrace the Brigitte hype and try to master her abilities while everyone is a noob, as it won’t be long until Brigitte mains are pooping all over the rest of us.