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Far Cry 5 Ending Explained: How to Get All Endings

If you’ve just beaten the game, you might want the Far Cry 5 endings explained. All three of the possible outcomes for Hope County are pretty vague, and almost definitely not what you thought they’d be. If you’re disappointed in all of Far Cry 5‘s endings, don’t worry, I was too. To help you get some consolation though, we’ll go in-depth about the Resist, Walk Away, and Secret Far Cry 5 endings below.

Far Cry 5 True Ending: Resist

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This is the good ending to Far Cry 5, though I’d refrain from giving it such a positive descriptor. When you travel to the Project at Eden’s Gate compound after defeating the three Seed siblings, you’ll have to head to the same church from the beginning of the game to attempt to arrest Joseph Seed. After a long monologue, he’ll give you the same choice he gave you when Far Cry 5 started, resist or walk away.

If you choose to resist, prepare yourself for an intense fight. Every one of your allies you met throughout the game will be high on Bliss and will turn on you. The objective here is to knock them down then revive them. Once they’re revived, they’ll once again become your ally and turn their guns on Seed.

Your former buddies will spawn in waves, and eventually, you’ll knock down and revive 12 of them. After that, you have to fight Joseph Seed himself. Without the backup from your brainwashed friends, he’s not too hard to take down, and even if he manages to kill you one of your 12 allies will revive you.

Once Seed goes down, you and your friends encircle him. Sheriff Whitehorse will arrest Seed, but as he does a bright flash of light will blind you momentarily. When you regain your vision, you’ll see the telltale mushroom cloud of a nuclear blast in the distant mountains. As the shockwave approaches, the Sheriff, the two Deputies, and yourself rush to a nearby truck and attempt to head to Dutch’s bunker.

As you rush towards the bunker, more nuclear blasts occur, and Hope County turns into a hellscape. You manage to dodge falling trees and exploding cars long enough to make it almost all the way to the bunker, but after being momentarily distracted by another nuclear blast, a burning tree lands on the truck and knocks you out.

When you come to, you see that Joseph Seed has dragged you into Dutch’s bunker and killed Dutch. You’re handcuffed to a nearby object and unable to resist Seed. Instead of killing you though, he raves about how he was right. He says he should kill you for what you’ve done, but instead, he makes you his “son,” and claims you as his new flock. He then leans back in his chair and gives you a creepy stare as the screen fades to black.

Far Cry 5 Bad Ending: Walk Away

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When Seed gives you the choice to resist or walk away when you storm his compound, you can choose to save the Sherrif and two Deputies and just walk away from the fight. If you select this option, The Father gets a serene look on his face and touches his head to yours in forgiveness. When he does that, you see a brief flash of light.

As you’re leaving Deputy Hudson and the Sheriff argue about leaving, but she acquiesces when the Sheriff starts yelling at her. You all get in a truck and drive away with the Sheriff promising that the group will return with the National Guard at their backs. Just as it seems you’ve made it out okay, the edges of the screen start turning red and as the Sheriff asks you if you’re alright, the screen fades to black. This indicates either your character died or has succumbed to the Bliss.

Far Cry 5 Secret Early Ending: Complete the Game in 10 Minutes

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You can end Far Cry 5 before it even begins during the first attempt to arrest Joseph Seed. When you reach the church, you’ll be prompted to slap some handcuffs on the Father. If you just sit there without responding to the prompt, the sheriff will decide that the team is leaving. After that, the credits roll, and the game is over.

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