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Fortnite Controller Vibration Fix: How to Stop Your Controller From Vibrating

It looks like the latest patch for Fortnite Battle Royale may have introduced a new glitch. If you’re asking yourself, “Why does my controller vibrate so much in Fortnite,” you’re not alone. Since the 3.4 update, players are reporting that their controllers are vibrating at random. It doesn’t seem like there’s a specific condition to getting these, and some are reporting it happening to them when they try to build, or when they’re gliding or just running. Below we’ll show a temporary fix for controller vibration issues in Fortnite until Epic can push a fix out.

How to Fix Controller Vibration in Fortnite Battle Royale

If you were hoping for a quick fix to return your controller vibration to the way it used to be in Fortnite, we’ve got bad news. The issue seems to be with Fortnite and not with controllers or consoles, so there’s only one thing you can do to fix this issue. For now, you’ll need to turn off vibrating at a console level.

To turn off vibration for all games you can use the following instructions for PS4. From the main menu, you’ll need to go to Settings. Then you can select Devices, and then Controllers. Once you’re in this menu, you can disable controller vibration in Fortnite (and other games) by unchecking the correct selection.

Getting your controller to stop vibrating on Xbox One is just as easy. Go to System Settings, then select Ease of Access. You can then head to the Controller options. On Xbox One you have to set each controller’s vibration settings up separately, so you’ll need to choose your controller, hit Configure, Edit, then Vibration. You can then move the slider and dial your controller’s vibrate function all the way down.

If I had to guess Epic will be patching this issue with Fortnite pretty quickly. However, as minor, as it seems, random vibrating when you aren’t expecting it is enough to cost you a victory.

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