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Blue Pump Fortnite Stats: What’s Different About the New Rare Shotgun?

Fortnite can throw so many things at you that you can often lose track, including a new blue pump shotgun. There are billboards to search for, mountain peaks to scale and now this: a change to shotguns within Update 3.4. What’s new? What’s stayed the same? Pump that handgrip and read on to find out all about Blue Pump Fortnite Stats.

Blue Pump Fortnite Stats: What’s Different About the Pump Shotgun in v3.4

As per the Fortnite 3.4 official patch notes… not a great deal. Neither Tactical nor Pump Shotguns have received any stat buffs or nerfs. So, no damage output increases or decreases, no change to the range, nor any difference to reload times. In fact, the only difference is based on the weapon’s drop rates.

As Epic (confusingly) put it themselves, “Characteristics (such as weapon damage, drop chances) are completely unchanged.” That is to say, the Tactical and Pump Shotguns will be more and less likely to be stumbled across respectively, but the chances of finding a Rare Tactical Shotgun, for example, will stay the same. It’s the weapons themselves that have had their drop rates changed not the Common/Uncommon/Rare/Epic brackets themselves, which will maintain their current drop rates.

Blue Pump Shotgun Fortnite Stats: How Rare is the New Gun

The Tactical Shotgun has been downgraded from Uncommon/Rare/Epic to Common/Uncommon/Rare, meaning you’re now more likely to find them everywhere from Anarchy Acres to Tomato Town.

The Pump Shotgun will now be a little more scarce, with its rarity changed from Common/Uncommon to Uncommon/Rare. If you’re seeing blue, there’s a good chance you’ve locked eyes on a powerful Pump Shotgun. Lucky you.

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