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Fortnite High Explosives v2: What Is the New Limited Time Mode?

Fortnite High Explosives v2 is the new featured limited time mode, replacing Sniper Shootout v2. As an overhauled version of the previous High Explosives game type, the v2 edition implements some additional tweaks and refinements to help keep things fun. Here’s what you need to know.

Fortnite High Explosives v2: What Are the Rules?

The Fortnite High Explosives v2 limited time mode is, unsurprisingly, all about explosives. Anything that doesn’t go boom has been removed, with non-explosive weapons all getting the chop. The only ammo you’ll be needing are rockets, which are now dropped a lot more often and in greater quantities.

To help keep the focus on hitting enemies with explosive spam, friendly fire has been turned off, and trap drop rate has been reduced by 50%. You’re going to have to rely on rockets more than anything else, which is kind of the point!

In order to keep things fun, 90 seconds have been shaved off the first four storms’ wait times, meaning players will be forced closer together a lot more quickly than usual. We’d recommend getting whatever loot and materials you can, before hastily making your way towards the circle.

Fortnite High Explosives v2: What’s Changed?

Fortnite High Explosives v2

The main new additions to the High Explosives v2 mode are remote explosives and guided missiles. Both of these items were added to Battle Royale after the first High Explosives event, and so they’re new for v2.

It’s also easier to collect materials, as they drop in greater quantities. Healing items have also been tweaked, with medkits and Slurp drop rates being bumped up by 50 percent. Bandages now drop 50 percent less often.

Hunt down supply drops for a 50 percent chance of acquiring a legendary guided missile launcher. (Earn extra style points by riding your own missile!)

Other changes can be found detailed within the long list of patch notes here.