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Far Cry 5 Whiskey Barrel Locations: Where to Find the Casks to Complete the Whiskey River Side Mission

Whiskey River is a side mission in Far Cry 5 that tasks you with finding 15 Whiskey Barrels. These whiskey casks are scattered all over Silver Lake, and you’ll need to find all of them to complete the Whiskey River mission. Below you can find where all whiskey barrel locations are in Far Cry 5.

Where to Find the Whiskey Barrel Locations for the Whiskey River Mission in Far Cry 5

You can start the Whiskey River side mission by heading to the Can of Worms Fishing Store in the north of the Henbane River region. If you talk to Sherri Woodhouse there, she’ll tell you about the Whiskey Barrels in Silver Lake and task you to find 15 of them.

When you start the mission, there will be a boat marked on your map. Go ahead and get it, because you’ll need to travel all around the lake and swimming takes forever. Also, if you haven’t unlocked the Human Fish perk, you’ll want to do so before you start on your quest. Some of the whiskey barrels are deep underwater, and you don’t want to drown.

You can grab these casks in any order, but we’ll start with the one near the bridge connecting the Henbane River region and Father’s Island.

  • First Whiskey Barrel: Follow the shore east of the Can of Worms Fishing Store. Right as the shore bends south, look for a log near the bank. A cask can be found near the log underwater.
  • Second Whiskey Barrel: There’s a small island in the lake west-southwest of Drubman Marina. West-southwest of this island you can find a whiskey cask underwater.
  • Third Whiskey Barrel: North of Silver Lake Campgrounds to the east of the bridge you can find a cask underwater near the south shore.
  • Fourth Whiskey Barrel: This cask is near the Tanami Residence on an island. You’ll see a crane holding a container. Enter this container, and at the bottom, you’ll find a barrel.
  • Fifth Whiskey Barrel: Northwest of the same island the fourth cask is found on you’ll see a small bit of land jutting out. Near the tip of this land, you’ll find an underwater cave that houses a barrel.
  • Sixth Whiskey Barrel: Head east of the Oberlin Picnic Area and look for two small islands. Come to a stop between them and dive underwater to find a small cave. In the cave is a cask.
  • Seventh Whiskey Barrel: South of the Oberlin Picnic Area you’ll find an island with tall rocks that you can’t scale from the water. You’ll need a helicopter or plane to fly over it with. Parachute or land on top of the island and you’ll find a cask near the edge.
  • Eighth Whiskey Barrel: Dive underwater on the southern edge of the large island in Clagett Bay. There you’ll find a crashed helicopter with a cask inside.
  • Ninth Whiskey Barrel: You’ll need to dive underwater northeast of the Forest Research Station on Dutch’s Island. You’ll find a pile of logs there, and under them, you’ll see a cask.
  • Tenth Whiskey Barrel: From where you found the last barrel, swim west until you’re halfway between Holland Valley and Dutch’s island. Dive down to spot and easy to find cask.
  • Eleventh Whiskey Barrel: South of Dutch’s Island, north of the bridge connecting Holland Valley and Hensbane River dive underwater. You’ll find a cage with a cask inside of it there.
  • Twelfth Whiskey Barrel: North of Dutch’s Island you’ll see two smaller islands. Go north from the eastern one and when you’re about 1/3 of the way to the far shore, stop and dive. Among some wreckage, you’ll find another whiskey cask.
  • Thirteenth Whiskey Barrel: Norther of the Vasquez Residence there’s a bridge. Underneath it, you’ll find a metal pipe on the southern shore. Head into the pipe, then dive into the water to find another cask.
  • Fourteenth Whiskey Barrel: Head south of the Tanami Residence in between the two islands. On the left side of the smaller island, you’ll find a cask in the underwater drain system.
  • Fifteenth Whiskey Barrel: There is a bridge west of the Can of Worms Fishing Store. Underneath the bridge, you’ll find a bunch of containers that have fallen into the water. There is one container that is completely submerged. Swim into it, and you’ll see the last whiskey cask on the right.

Head back to the Can of Worms Fishing Store and speak with Sherri Woodhouse again to complete the Whiskey River side mission in Far Cry 5!

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