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Overwatch Sombra Skin: Release Date and How to Get The New Skin

Blizzard has revealed the latest addition to the upcoming Archives event, an Overwatch Sombra Skin that shows off her days as a terrorist hacker in the ranks of Talon. In addition to this, there will also be Talon Doomfist, Scion Hanzo and Blackwatch Moira skins available.

Overwatch Sombra Skin: New Skin Release Date

The Twitter account of Overwatch isn’t too shy at letting us know that the Archive files will be available (i.e. ready to play) on April 10. As Blizzard have teased four skins straight out the bat, you can expect them to be available instantly through loot crates.

Using last year’s Uprising event in April 2017 as a reflection of what’s to come, expect around half-a-dozen more skins (10 were made available during Uprising’s three-week-long run) and an abundance of new items being made available sporadically throughout Overwatch Archives.

Overwatch Sombra Skin: How to Get the New Skin

Same as always: loot crates. You get new loot crates each time you level up in Overwatch, but you can also go the microtransaction route and buy anything between two and 50 loot boxes for a chance at snagging skins. For prices ranging from $1.99/£1.99 all the way up to $39.99/£34.99, you can buy loot crates through the in-game Overwatch storefront.

As these skins are (likely) to be legendary items, they will drop, on average, every 13.5 loot boxes, according to stats revealed on Overwatch’s Chinese page.

Overwatch Sombra Skin: What Does the New Skin Look Like

As revealed through a post on the Overwatch official Twitter account, Sombra has dropped her trademark purple with half her head shaved for a smarter bob haircut, white uniform with an orange stripe emblazoning the sleeves. You can see the new look in the short video below.

Sombra’s gun has also received a white-and-orange cosmetic makeover Think the Mako from Mass Effect if it could kick your ass six ways from Sunday and you’re probably in the right ballpark.