Fortnite Banned in Schools Doesn’t Stop Kids From Making Their Own Versions of It

What’s that saying, if you want something done then you should just do it yourself? Those words are apparently something to live by according to all Fortnite starved schoolchildren out there. Fortnite being banned in schools has had a rather strange effect on the kids that go there. Instead of rolling over and letting the system just educate them already, they have decided that if they’re unable to play Epic’s beloved Fortnite, they’ll just damn well make their own Fortnite instead! Talk about rebelling against the system…

You would be forgiven for thinking ‘well, are these kids simply trying to play Fortnite in real life on their break instead of playing it in class? If that’s the case then what’s the big deal?’ But no, schoolchildren have gone one step further than that and it’s all thanks to a little program called Scratch.

Scratch is a web-based platform, which is helpful in teaching kids from 8 to 18 to learn all they can about the basics of coding. A quick search on Scratch will show that there is more than enough Fortnite clones out there, most of them done by kids who really are just taking their first steps into programming, which is heartwarming to see even if they’re doing it for (arguably) the wrong reasons. Regardless of their reasoning, it’s great to see children experiment with programmes that enable them to learn new things, and just goes to show how tools have developed over time in order to keep up with the children of today.

It cannot be denied that Fortnite is an international phenomenon, only recently did it make $15 million in just a month. So where will it go next? Can it go any further, and if so, will Fortnite become such a prominent part of society that it’ll become part of everyday life?