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Fortnite Double Pump Returns: Here’s How to Do It

The Fortnite double pump strategy has returned with the implementation of update 3.5.0. When booting up the game after the new patch had been installed, many players (including myself) took the opportunity to see if the infamous double pump had returned. Epic Games had removed the feature previously, before enabling it again, and then removing it once more. The Fortnite double pump doesn’t seem to want to die, and now it’s back again, ready to annoy and frustrate the game’s community.

Fortnite Double Pump Returns: How to Do It

The method of how to do the Fortnite double pump remains the same as before. First, you’ll need two pump shotguns. Then, you’ll want to fire the first shotgun, before switching to the second shotgun. Upon switching to the second gun, you’ll need to listen out for the “pump” sound and then fire at that same moment. If you do it correctly, you’ll be able to fire multiple shots in quick successful. (It may take a few attempts to master!)

Following the recent update, the double pump can only be performed while running. It seems as though this doesn’t work when a player is standing still.

The Fortnite double pump is considered pretty unfair at this point, as it makes the already-obnoxious shotguns even more powerful.

Fortnite Double Pump Returns: Why Is It Back?

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It’s not clear whether or not Epic Games intended to reintroduce the Fortnite double pump strategy. After all of the work done to remove the double pump from the game, I can’t see the developer meaning to bring it back.

Epic Games is known to be very transparent when it comes to bug fixes and upcoming support, so we’ll likely hear the developer’s thoughts on the Fortnite double pump soon enough. For now, however, be wary of players armed with a shotgun, as they might be using the double pump strategy.