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Fortnite Disco Room Locations and What Are They For?

Following the release of update 3.5.0, Fortnite disco room locations have been popping up in the game’s Battle Royale mode. While it’s not unusual to see changes to the game world, the lack of any explanation from Epic Games has players curious about what the disco rooms could mean. In this article, we’ll tell you where to find the Fortnite disco room locations, and what they could be used for.

Fortnite Disco Room Locations

There have been three different Fortnite disco room locations discovered so far, as reported by FortniteINTEL. Players who search in the Flush Factory, the haunted house near Pleasant Park and the RV park near Retail Row, will find disco rooms hidden on the ground floors.

The Fortnite disco room locations shouldn’t be too tricky to track down, as the flashing lights are easily spotted.

Fortnite Disco Room Locations

Fortnite Disco Room Locations: What Are They For?

The Fortnite disco room locations could be used for many different things. Currently, they act only as a great place for players to dance and show off their emotes. However, it’s very likely that the rooms will be used for the upcoming Fortnite Week 9 challenges. “Dancing in three disco rooms” would definitely fit the style of previous objectives.

It’s also possible that the Fortnite disco room locations are tied to the “Boogie Down” contest. This competition tasked players with recording themselves dancing, with the clips then sent to Epic Games to be judged. The winner would be given a custom emote based on their dance. Perhaps the Fortnite disco room locations will be used to celebrate that new emote, giving the winning player an appropriate place to showcase their custom dance moves in style.

Of course, it could just be Epic Games randomly adding some new fun locations to its Battle Royale map. While its battle royale competitors work to add more and more maps for their players to enjoy, Fornite Battle Royale still only has one map to play on. Epic Games needs to keep it fresh!